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Web Weekly is a frontend newsletter for developers wanting to know how to build the best web. It focuses on web fundamentals, browser features and framework-independent resources to keep the audience inspired, engaged, and learning.

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If you want a really great, informative newsletter for front-end developers, I'm loving @stefanjudis's Web Weekly. Every issue has something I haven't seen elsewhere.
Louis Lazaris "Web Tools Weekly" and "Tech Productivity" newsletter source
My new Monday morning routine is @stefanjudis weekly newsletter. You should read it. ❤️
@antodev89 Software Developer source
I really enjoy reading @stefanjudis Web Weekly while drinking my coffee on a Monday morning.
Khaled Garbaya Engineering Manager source

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Primarily from the US and Western Europe.
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Every Web Weekly issue includes one untrackable link to its web version which receives ~600 additional views and 1k+ people read it via RSS.

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