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"I really enjoy reading @stefanjudis Web Weekly while drinking my coffee on a Monday morning."
Web Weekly #91February 6, 2023
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What people say

  • I really enjoy reading @stefanjudis Web Weekly while drinking my coffee on a Monday morning. (source)
    Profile of Khaled Garbaya
    Khaled Garbaya
    Engineering Manager
  • I've been subscribed to Stefan's webdev newsletter for a few weeks now and I learn something new every time. Always worth reading! 🤓 (source)
    Profile of Max Schmitt
    Max Schmitt
    React/Node.js Developer
  • I love @stefanjudis latest initiative - weekly newsletter, its already 8th issue helps me to stay up to date with newest features and cool practices - and is, generally speaking - awesome! (source)
    Profile of Wojtek Jeremy Połowniak
    Wojtek Jeremy Połowniak
    Senior Fullstack Engineer
  • Stefan's newsletter is the one newsletter I actually read on the day it gets in. I always learn something, whether it be about tech or how to be a more productive, effective, and inclusive developer. <3
    Profile of Eva Dee
    Eva Dee
    Software Developer
  • As someone who doesn't enjoy newsletters because it's impossible and messy to catch up for me, I love Web Weekly. It's super effective and well curated.
    Profile of Jeremias Menichelli
    Jeremias Menichelli
    Software Engineer
  • It's the perfect mix of new tools, accessibility insights, real-life examples and good music. (source)
    Profile of Josefine Schaefer
    Josefine Schaefer
    DevRel Engineer

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