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"It helps me to stay up to date with newest features and cool practices - and is, generally speaking - awesome!"
Web Weekly #111September 10, 2023
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What people say

  • I love @stefanjudis latest initiative - weekly newsletter, its already 8th issue helps me to stay up to date with newest features and cool practices - and is, generally speaking - awesome! (source)
    Profile of Wojtek Jeremy Połowniak
    Wojtek Jeremy Połowniak
    Senior Fullstack Engineer
  • Web Weekly is one of the best webdev-Newsletter I know of. It's packed with diverse topics and joyful written. Plus, I always learn something new!
    Profile of Dominic Schwarz
    Dominic Schwarz
    Senior Frontend Developer
  • If you want a really great, informative newsletter for front-end developers, I'm loving @stefanjudis's Web Weekly. Every issue has something I haven't seen elsewhere. (source)
    Profile of Louis Lazaris
    Louis Lazaris
    "Web Tools Weekly" and "Tech Productivity" newsletter
  • If you're a web tech enthusiast and enjoy reading great, insightful newsletters head over to Stefan's site and subscribe to his, it's awesome! (source)
    Profile of Olivier Tille
    Olivier Tille
    Software Developer
  • As a non-web developer, I really like the Web Weekly newsletter as it sparks my interests and keeps me up to date.
    Profile of Michiel van Oudheusden
    Michiel van Oudheusden
    Lead Consultant
  • I really enjoy reading @stefanjudis Web Weekly while drinking my coffee on a Monday morning. (source)
    Profile of Khaled Garbaya
    Khaled Garbaya
    Engineering Manager
  • I'm a web developer of around 12 years experience, but I just learned three things from a single issue of @stefanjudis' excellent newsletter. (source)
    Profile of Chris Ashton
    Chris Ashton
    Senior Developer
  • Web Weekly has been great for me to discover little details about the web platform. (source)
    Profile of Sébastien Lorber
    Sébastien Lorber
    "This week in React" newsletter
  • My new Monday morning routine is @stefanjudis weekly newsletter. You should read it. ❤️ (source)
    Profile of @antodev89
    Software Developer

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